Business card of Henesi House

 Kyiv is a majestic place with a thousand-year history, the capital of Kyivan Rus and modern Ukraine. Its architectural masterpieces and monuments make you stop and breathe, while golden-domed cathedrals and monasteries, ancient streets and squares tell the stories of past years.

 Only in Kyiv you can find buildings of different epochs, from princely times to ultramodern buildings. Each of them is unique.

  The capital`s heart is Shevchenkivsky district. The construction of the old-fashioned city had began here, the history was born here. Each street has its own history.

 On Nahirna street located a new housing complex "Henesi House". The house had become a harmonious component by incorporating the atmosphere of the legendary terrain.

  • 18 floor monolithic building;
  • Combined facade:

   Walls - gas block;

   Walls  insulation - mineral wool;

   Facing - ceramic granite "Ventarock" and decorative plaster.

  • High-speed elevators - OTIS;
  • Windows - VEKO;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Round-the-clock security, reception area, concierge service;
  • WI-FI zone;
  • Recreation areas for you and your kids;
  • Modern design solutions;
  • Store products on the first floor of the complex;
  • Parking for cycling;
  • Underground and guest parking;
  • Park zone;
  • Schools and kindergartens;
  • 700 m to shopping center "Promenade" and supermarket "Furshet";
  • Fitness Club "Sport Life";
  • 1,8 km to Lukyanivska metro station.

We do not stop at the achieved and every day we extend a number of advantages that will make life of our inhabitants even more comfortable.

Enjoy the charm and create your own story with «Henesi House».

Відчуйте магію дотику сьогодення та минулого в ЖК Henesi House. Тут буде творитися вже Ваша історія.